About The Symmetrys
About the Symmetrys

The Symmetrys is home to two different areas of wellness. Body Symmetry for all your fitness needs and Nail Symmetry for anything to do with nails. The Symmetrys is a place where each client feels that they are able to unwind, relax and then leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our core focus is our clients and their needs. We are passionate about people and we strive to bring an authentic approach to each service that we render.

Meet the Team

The Symmetrys


Hi! I’m Gina and I started The Symmetrys in 2014. My focus is to create a welcoming and uplifting space that not only our clients enjoy, but our staff members too. I’m passionate about client service and ensuring all clients, whether they come to the Nail Salon or EMS Studio, get the best treatment/training every time.


Jayden is an internationally qualified personal trainer. He has a strong passion for health and fitness and is dedicated to assisting clients with achieving their goals not only by focusing on their training, but their nutrition too. His training is holistic and unique.


Storm has a passion for health and wellness. His approach is to understand as much about his clients needs as fast as possible so he can create a truly rich and rewarding experience for his customers. Storm is a certified EMS Trainer. 

The Symmetrys


Hello! My name is Carol! My years of experience as a nail technician have made me incredibly fast and meticulous with every application I have made. Sit down and relax to an amazing pedicure, where I cover all areas of your feet, toes and heels leaving you with soft silky feet. 

The Symmetrys


I’m Pam! Super experienced and an absolute perfectionist. I focus on making sure I give my clients exactly what they ask for every time. I get creative with nail art, but it’s because of my french application, that I am known as the ‘French Queen’.